Ent.E.R.Com. (Entrepreneurship Education through Urban Regeneration and Commons Valorisation) is a strategic partnership composed of six partners working together to develop new training methodologies addressed to facilitators and educators of young people.
In particular, the project is aimed at creating a transnational training network and new teaching methodologies based on different experiences on entrepreneurship focusing on urban regeneration and commons valorisation that involves trainers/educators as well as organisations dealing with young entrepreneurship.

The partnership

The project partnership is made of European organizations, public and private, active on entrepreneurship education programs and on the valorisation of commons in urban regeneration processes.

The report

If you receive this email you took part in the survey and research phase of our project and we would like to share with you the results on the first European research on entrepreneurship education programs, formal and non formal, focusing on urban regeneration and commons valorisation.

We would like to thank you for your time and your feedback. If you know anyone who is working on this topic and would be interested in our network. Please let them connect with us. It will enlarge the ENTERCOM network.