Ent.E.R.Com. (Entrepreneurship Education through Urban Regeneration and Commons Valorisation) is a strategic partnership composed of six partners working together to develop new training methodologies addressed to facilitators and educators of young people.
In particular, the project is aimed at creating a transnational training network and new teaching methodologies based on different experiences on entrepreneurship focusing on urban regeneration and commons valorisation that involves trainers/educators as well as organisations dealing with young entrepreneurship.


The training week is designed to present and test modules, methods and tools relating to the topics learning process. It will be held from 25th to 29th March 2019 in Italy, at Talent Garden Cosenza in Rende (Calabria).


To test the classroom training system by simulating a preparatory training process


To verify the usability of the web platform useful to disseminate the learning process to a wider public

Main results

The main result will be a social learning open source web based platform able to host a community of users for the sharing of best projects, knowledge and good practices, methodologies and tools through a process of peer learning. The platform will play a fundamental role inside the project, offering tools to final users in order to share works and ideas; to create groups with different levels of participation and areas of interests; to promote activities and foster a spontaneous aggregation in groups. It will allow everyone to work together during and after the entire project from an initially brainstorming until the development of the pilot entrepreneurial action.


Furthermore, the partnership will involve the target group as well as the staff project in a cooperation educative programme and in a sharing processes of best practices and training knowledge.

Goodwill is a Training Agency concerned with addressing the youth to new professional positions, stimulating their lateral thought by a self-entrepreneurship education in order to build their future. Goodwill is Giovani e Futuro Comune project creator, nowadays involved in the European project, to give other people the opportunity to do the same.

Godwill is about women, ideas, choices, love for their homeplace and trust in its inhabitants. Reference point for companies and youth formation. It is dedication, passion, believe in people in order to make social changes happen.

Materahub is an aggregator of people, business, expertise and ideas aimed at encouraging the creation of new job opportunities and the promotion of sustainable development through a process of coaching, training and business development.
A consortium of SMEs combining the experience of a VET body (Quality For – accredited to Basilicata Region, expert in), a consulting firm with experience on EU project management and quality assurance (Quality Program), an International Certification body (ACS Registrars Italia) and a social cooperative managing cultural heritage and creative activities in the UNESCO site of Matera (Artezeta).

’s-Hertogenbosch (approximately 151,000 inhabitants) is the capital of Brabant, the Netherlands’ largest province. The main goals of Education, Labour market and Participation policy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is to enable the development of individual talents and reduce the number of young people leaving school without qualifications. The municipality takes the lead in connecting schools, (regional) businesses/companies and government. It stimulates the development of quality in education. `s-Hertogenbosch pays special attention to at risk youths. A considerable number of projects for preventing early school drop-out, youth unemployment and projects aimed at reintegrating youngsters have been developed. Key topics at this moment are Labour market orientated career orientation and career guidance, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit in general.

The Regional Government of Extremadura participates in the project through its General Directorate for Enterprise and Competitiveness, which has under its competences the promotion of entrepreneurship, support services for start-ups, development of grants to business competitiveness and innovation, the management of regional incentives, business financing programs, construction and operation of business infrastructure and the promotion of business cooperation among others. It also has the competence to the design and implementation of entrepreneurship education programs at all school levels. In 2017 Extremadura has been awarded the European Entrepreneurship region recognition by the European Committee of the Region.

INOVA+ is focused on the promotion, execution and management of innovation projects, providing the knowledge, the management capacity, the partnerships and the technical and financial support needed in their execution. INOVA+, provides high quality services of research, project management and I&D support. It has a large experience in both European funding programmes and in project management. The company has participated in over 25 European projects from the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes, including more than 12 projects as coordinators.

EnterCom Entrepreneurship Education through Urban Regeneration and Common Valorisation